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Plaster mesh technology platform

The rock wool board thin plastering is to prevent the exterior wall insulation fire. Welded wire mesh and alkali resistant fiberglass mesh are the reinforced layers.

The exterior wall insulation system has cracks for some construction issues. The fiberglass mesh and galvanized welded wire mesh can prevent the cracks effectively.

Nowadays the waterproof system is important for the architecture and the waterproof materials are hot dipped welded wire mesh and fiberglass grid.

The expanded metal and fiberglass mesh are used as plastering layer to reinforce the frame structure wall and prevent the wall cracks and cavity.

Galvanized steel mesh and fiberglass cloth as the plastering layer is used to reinforce the wall. Construction technology about the exterior wall insulation system is vital.

The expanded metal could reinforce the balcony balustrade, the perfect balcony balustrade plaster expanded metal technology is the first step to get the perfect work.

The steel mesh, welded wire mesh & expanded metal, is widely used to prevent the cracks, cavity and other construction problems due to the modern engineering issues.

Plaster mesh helps to form internal skeleton layers of plaster and putty, providing protection from cracks. Here show you how to choose a suitable plastering mesh.

Plaster mesh is designed for better grip on the plaster wall and supporting the plaster layer. Here shows how to install plaster mesh.

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