Products List

Plaster Chicken Wire

Chicken wire with strong hexagonal twist struction is more acceptable than welded wire mesh or expanded metal for plastering when extreme changes in temperature

Chicken Wire Fence

Chicken wire fence is broadly used for feeding chicken, rabbits, ducks, geese, dogs; also used in gardens, farmlands for prevent gophers from damaging plants.

Light Type Expanded Metal

Light expanded metal with a low weight and maximum grip to plaster layer - no bends or welds - is the best considered plastering material.

Welded Wire Mesh

Welded wire plaster mesh makes plaster wall surface smooth no crack, excludes the impact of external factors on the wall, 0.4 -1.5mm wire, mesh size 10 - 50mm.

Chain Link Mesh

Light type chain link plastering mesh is used to prevent wall cracks due to temperature changes, mesh size 5-25mm, from 0.5-2.0mm galvanized and black wire.

Woven Wire Mesh

Plastering soft woven wire mesh prevents cracks occurring by shrinkage material and increases mechanical strength and durability of plastering layers.

Plastic Mesh for Plastering

Plastic mesh as reinforcing mesh for internal and external plaster work prevents surface cracks and deformation and increase mechanical strength.

Fiberglass Mesh

Fiberglass mesh with low weight high strength and resistant to alkalis, used for plastering on internal wall and ceiling surface and room corners.

Welded Wire Lath

Welded wire lath is alternative stucco reinforcing product for rib lath, expanded metal lath. We produce light, heavy duty and truss sheet welded wire products.

Sheet Metal Lath

Sheet metal lath is used for wall stucco and plaster reinforcement, includes diamond metal lath and rib lath, flat and self furring, high-rib metal lath and flat rib lath.