Superior plaster mesh manufacturer and distributor

Since recent years, our company has been working in manufacture metal mesh and fiberglass or plastic mesh for plastering work. We are a leading manufacturer and distributor for the plaster mesh, which has excellent quality and superior reliability.

A construction worker is plastering concrete evenly on the wall.


It is very important and crucial process in all repair work. Depending on how the quality is performed, will depend on the overall quality of the repair. Our plaster mesh is used for both internal and external plastering work that would strengthen the surface of the wall. Even in a sufficiently thick plaster layer, the metal plastering mesh also can be used to form the internal skeleton layers of plaster and putty. It can effectively protect wall from cracking.

Our main plaster mesh is available in the following types: welded wire mesh, light type expanded metal, chicken wire, chain link mesh, plastic mesh and fiberglass mesh cloth. Those several types differ in materials, using method, width and mesh density. This allows you to select suitable plastering mesh for certain work.

Our Fiberglass cloth machine

Galvanized chicken wire manufacture

Welded mesh machine with welding sparks

Chain link machine is working well

Expanded sheet rolls in workshop

Black woven wire mesh rolls

Plastering metal mesh in warehouse

Plaster mesh products were loaded on truck, ready to be shipped to the customer

Our Service

Our customers are mainly some large construction companies, building decoration companies, building materials distributor, road construction companies, and some personal hobby building.

We have been committed to providing our customers with high quality of all goods and services at reasonable price, and enough attention to each client. Our qualified staff will assist with the selection of goods and give you all the necessary advice and guidance on product life.

Any inquiries please contact our sales department, email us Ordering plaster metal mesh from us, you will get high quality plastering material, and it will last long and reliably.